That I had been thought as well as to support to supply the relief distribution where are very much disaster to the flood victim in the deeply cornered area of village without reached from the government official,there are very big problem and suffering to the destitute and poorest house families without parents school’s 16 Orphan children’s there would like study in the different place,and I want to support to all them with the relief distribute with the donated from my trekking clients friends,also need to support to rebuild for the ruined and destroyed by earthquaked and flooding,that place is located in the lower than Everest area khumbu region the elevation at 2100 High altitude,
So, if you will find also other more donor to support for the victim with the little amount $20,$50,$100 or more amount how much as they can donate,that is will be very much help and workful to them the victim in this hard time and disaster with very difficult situation,therefore I have been opened and established own my personally relief project since started COVID-19,
That is as you can see and visit in the near future where are distributed relief by my self ,and also you can make trip with this my organisation in the lower and higher place to general trekking area or in the very cornered area to the lower place,where are not reached the tourism,also showing the historical himalayan typical cultural of own different caste of Nepalese peoples with the drama,during your trek in lower village, It will remaining long live our both friendship with our memories,So I hope to hear from you with your further more information,God bless you and all your families and friends.
Sincerely your
Ngawang Wangchhu Sherpa