Our main goal is to support orphan children in living happy life and pursuing their dreams. We here want to help humanity by any means possible, providing food or clothes. Your donation will determine the students’ future because we can only support the children until class five if we do not get much-needed finance. For that purpose, our primary goal currently is to collect donations of $4000 p.a for various factors like:  

1. Supporting a child’s educated requires a teacher for teaching the English language, books, school bags, school uniforms. 

2. To help the orphanage children, we need to provide food every six months, schooling, a heater, two sets of warm clothes, shoes, and socks. 

3. Taking care of the older people and training them about technology requires a teacher and some training materials. 

4. And further, if we can collect an adequate amount, we plan to make a health post, which requires a doctor, nurse, medicine, medical equipment, and much more. 

Your small donation can make someone’s miserable life livable.