Shree Ghyangkharka Basic School Mahakulung R.M 5 Nurkum village

The global economic crisis and the lack of trekking tourists in Nepal hit our Nepalese mountain guide Ngawang particularly hard. There is no income for most mountain guides, porters and lodge operators in Nepal. Poverty in the villages is taking on dramatic proportions. With our financial donations, we can help Ngawang Sherpa buy food packages for the residents of his mountain village and have them transported to the villages. Let’s help him and his villagers.

7 food parcels

A minimum food pack for 2 months and a family costs around €60 and includes:

30kg _rice
1 boxRare noodles
3kg _sugar
2L _oil
1kg _tea leaves
2kg _salt and spices

Transportation & organization

Cost of jeep transport from Kathmandu to Bung. From Bung to Nurkum with the help of mules and porters. All helpers are paid fairly.

Tips, travel expenses from Ngawang Wangchhu Sherpa and a little pocket money.

Expense Statement

€ 70 (NPR10,000)Jeep transportation
€ 190 (27,000 NPR)Mule and porter
€ 120 (NPR17,000)Tips, travel expenses, pocket money

Lots of good karma 🙏

Thank you for your donation!

The list is updated once a day, please be patient if you are not listed immediately.
Transfers can take up to one bank business day.

€ 50Lieselotte Baier, Anton Baier01/28/2021
$1001George Kiladis01/10/2021
€ 300Fundraising Giessen12/29/2020
€ 50Birgit Irene Wippel-Steiner12/22/2020
€ 120Horst Gunther Kublbock, Gertrude Kublbock12/22/2020
€ 200Dipl.-Ing. Christian Pomer, Dr. tec12/22/2020
€ 150Lieselotte Baier, Anton Baier12/18/2020
€ 100Viola Gruber, Ing. Robert Gruber15.12.2020
€ 100Lisa Sophie Scharzenberger15.12.2020
€ 60Markus Kandler14.12.2020
€ 60Dipl.-Ing. Miriam Hofbauer14.12.2020
€ 50Monica Ottner14.12.2020
€ 60Lena Lienbacher14.12.2020
€ 50Johanna Trimmel11.12.2020
€ 100Nino Staber11.12.2020
€ 60Marion Popofsits12/10/2020
€ 300Mag. Hans Tatzl12/10/2020
€ 120Irene Schweifer12/10/2020
€ 200Margaretha Mikes12/10/2020
€ 70Ingrid Ratzenboeck12/10/2020
€ 60Ing. Rudolf Moser12/10/2020
€ 100Sigrun Dabsch12/10/2020
€ 40Karl Aigner12/10/2020
€ 100Christine Teimel09.12.2020
€ 50Johanna Keller09.12.2020
€ 50dr Ursula Keller09.12.2020
€ 100Dipl.-Ing. dr Silvia Jaksits09.12.2020
€ 250DI (FH) Roman Dendl09.12.2020
€ 100Dipl.Ing. Herman Rider09.12.2020
€ 100Karen Kienreich09.12.2020
€ 120Ing. Hans Moser & Gabriele Moser09.12.2020
€ 120Renate Kienreich09.12.2020
€ 50Mag.phil. David Kupfer & Michaela Kupfer09.12.2020
€ 100Mag. Gundula Tackner09.12.2020
€ 200Elfriede Vsetecka09.12.2020
€ 200Gertraud Schuster09.12.2020
€ 100Christian Haager09.12.2020
€ 100dr Karl Kern & Helga Kern09.12.2020
€ 200Maria Ungersbaeck09.12.2020
€ 100Christian, Felix & Georg Stallforth07.12.2020
€ 300Traudl and Kurt Schuster07.12.2020
€ 60Margaret Moser07.12.2020
€ 100dr Andreas Dabsch07.12.2020
€ 40Roman Habitzl07.12.2020
$2501Janette Ambauen06.12.2020
$2501Edmond Ambauen06.12.2020
€ 120Nina Kienreich04.12.2020
€ 100Erich & Ulli Schuller04.12.2020
€ 200Christian Schuller02.12.2020

(1) Direct bank transfer to Ngawang Wangchhu Sherpa in dollars. We book it once 1:1 as €. Many Thanks.