If anyone is interested in voluntary work like teaching, supporting making school, health posts, bridges, and getting to know a different Rai and Sherpa culture, traditions, lifestyle, food, then NST will help you with Transportation, Food, and Accommodation. 


For that, the volunteer should have made any amount of donation previously.

It is an opportunity to be helpful to humankind, be generous, and donate.  

The place is just under the Mount Everest area Khumbu region, with an elevation at 2700 High altitudes. We want to support all of them with the relief distributed with my friends’ donations from trekking. We also need to help rebuild the ruined and destroyed monuments by earthquakes and flooding.

If you have anyone in mind who will be generous enough to donate and support the victims with any amount suitable, that will be of great help. To help the victim in this challenging time of disaster with a tough situation, we have formed our relief project since starting COVID-19.

Please be considerable; any donation you make is a good amount; for you, it might be a small amount, but it is a significant relief for them. 

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